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Here are a few of our favorite videos. Enjoy!



Come and join us at Aloha Punta Cana for an amazing time Surfing, Paddle Boarding, taking a SUP Yoga Class and Snorkeling in the beautifull crystal clear waters of Macao Beach!!!!




Beth Alfonso Longboarding some pretty fun ones @ Playa Macao on a 9'6 old school longboard. Sept. 3, 2014



Macao surf team longboarding the leftovers from hurricane Irene.



Surfing Hurricane Irene in Macao with the local boys!!!



The Locals rippin it up in playa Macao on a pretty fun north swell.



Longboarding and shortboarding with the local macao crew. Choppy but punchy fun waves.



March north swells are the best!!!!!, this is the local Mcao crew longboarding some great waves @ Macao.



0ldie footage from a couple sessions in Macao



More Footage of the Macao Locals doing their thing!!!




The Aloha Punta Cana Surf Team at it again!!!!!!



Sneak Preview from the Macao Surf Fest 2013 video!!!!!